Project & Construction management

Supporting Clients in Establishing the Ideal Facility to Achieve Their Objectives.

Services Included

  • Programming + Needs Assessment
  • Space utilization / Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Workplace Strategy + Culture Consulting
  • Space Planning + Test Fits
  • Furniture, Fixture, Equipment Design and Procurement Management
  • Design Consulting

Project & Construction Management

Throughout every stage of your construction project, we will keep you thoroughly informed with comprehensive updates. Our team will manage all on-site aspects, starting from initiation and selection, and extending to providing real estate transaction support, overseeing design, evaluating bids, managing construction, and ensuring a successful project conclusion. Furthermore, we will handle all communication with your designated program manager, ensuring that your construction project maintains its adherence to timelines and budgetary constraints.

Planning & Design

The core of a triumphant workplace design involves harmonizing a business’s practical demands within a coherent floor layout. Our team engages in discussions with clients to outline aims, comprehend spatial necessities, departmental connections, and favored facilities. From this, we construct a program document capturing this analysis, guiding the development of preliminary space arrangements (“test-fits”) for evaluation.

Our approach commences by delving into your company’s nature to frame a comprehensive vision. Subsequently, our design journey delves deeper into spatial layouts, material selections, specifications for furnishings and fixtures, art assortment, and supplementary embellishments. This collective endeavor culminates in a thoughtfully curated environment, meticulously designed to allure and preserve exceptional talent for your business.

Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

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Virginia Office

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