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We offer unparalleled insight, providing office tenants throughout Washington, DC with the CLARITY they need.

Clarity Tenant Representation: Empowering Tenants with Local Expertise and Unparalleled Insight

With over 60 years of combined experience representing tenants, our team of experts has designed a custom-tailored process to benefit office tenants in Washington, DC. It is critical for an office tenant to properly align with an advisor who understands the challenges local tenants are facing, and to provide best solutions. Clarity is committed to providing comprehensive support and personalized solutions, helping tenants navigate the complexities of the Washington, DC office market and achieve their goals with confidence.

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Tenant Representation

Our name, Clarity Tenant Representation, reflects our brand of a dedicated team providing office tenants with transparent, conflict-free advice. In a market saturated with real estate firms driven by profits from their landlord clients, it is vital for tenants to have a fiduciary committed to putting their needs first. Clarity Tenant Representation stands proud as the preeminent, Washington DC-based firm that serves one client: THE OFFICE TENANT.

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Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

  • 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Suite 1030, Washington, D.C. 20006

Virginia Office

  • 4040 Wilson Blvd
    Suite 406 Arlington, VA 22203

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