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Tenant Representation fees are typically covered by landlords and property owners, adhering to prevailing market rates with a contingency structure.

We do not require a retainer, and we do not charge our clients an hourly fee. Our fee structure remains consistent with market norms across all property options, and our compensation is solely tied to successfully concluding transactions for our clients.

Lease Administration Services

The financial obligations tied to a company’s real estate constitute a significant portion of its expenditures.

While an internal team might effectively manage a few locations, as the portfolio expands, overseeing a company’s real estate can quickly become a resource-draining responsibility. Effectively implementing a lease administration program can offer key management personnel the strategic benefit of comprehending the real estate portfolio and its influence on your company.

Clarity Tenant Representation’s Lease Administration Service enables businesses to delegate this vital responsibility to our proficient team, conserving resources and preventing expensive oversights. Our seasoned experts seamlessly integrate with the client’s internal team, meticulously managing the intricate aspects of their leases. This empowers them to concentrate on their core business objectives.

Buyer Representation

Clarity Tenant Representation, a prominent figure in the commercial real estate arena, excels in representing buyers, offering dedicated allegiance to the welfare of small to medium-sized businesses.

Irrespective of sector or magnitude, we skillfully navigate lease and purchase negotiations. Our endeavors are focused in the DC area, consistently prioritizing the expansion and financial targets of small to medium-sized businesses. Our legacy of impartial excellence has forged steadfast relationships with clients across numerous cities in the DC area, encompassing local enterprises and renowned corporations.

Project & Construction management

Project & Construction Management

Throughout every stage of your construction project, we will keep you thoroughly informed with comprehensive updates. Our team will manage all on-site aspects, starting from initiation and selection, and extending to providing real estate transaction support, overseeing design, evaluating bids, managing construction, and ensuring a successful project conclusion. Furthermore, we will handle all communication with your designated program manager, ensuring that your construction project maintains its adherence to timelines and budgetary constraints.

Industrial Real Estate Services

The Clarity team possesses the knowledge and proficiency to effectively negotiate leases and purchase agreements across a range of sizes, complexities, and demands.

We have a deep understanding of the unique intricacies within each industrial sector and leverage our local market expertise to guarantee that our clients attain optimal operational and strategic spaces tailored to their business requirements. Whether you’re engaging in leasing, renewals, expansions, property acquisitions, or even constructing an industrial space from the ground up, our team possesses unmatched expertise and is dedicated to ensuring your achievement.

Lease Restructuring

In the Metro D.C. area, Clarity Tenant Representation stands as a beacon of expertise when it comes to negotiating and navigating commercial leases.

Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge in lease negotiations and restructuring within the local market. By closely collaborating with your team, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique requirements, formulate a strategy, and present a comprehensive restructuring proposition to your landlord. Drawing from a wealth of experience, our dedicated team has assisted numerous companies in successfully restructuring their leases. In even the most challenging periods, we are determined in our commitment to aiding businesses in sustaining viability. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to extend our assistance to you.

Tenant Representation

Clarity Tenant Representation stands as a proven leader in advocating for commercial real estate tenants.

Our commitment solely rests on serving the best interests of small to medium-sized businesses, ensuring a conflict-free approach. Across industries and scales, we expertly guide lease and purchase negotiations. Our expertise is centered in the DC Metro Area, dedicated to advancing the growth objectives and financial aims of small to medium-sized businesses. This impartial and proficient tenant representation has cultivated unwavering client loyalty throughout various cities in the DC Area.

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