Kristina Carter

Kristina Carter

Director of Finance and Lease Administrator

Kristina Carter is the Director of Finance and Lease Administrator with Clarity Tenant Representation. With her thorough expertise in commercial real estate and a deep understanding of leases, Kristina plays a pivotal role in optimizing financial strategies and ensuring meticulous lease administration.

Kristina’s proficiency extends beyond lease management, encompassing bookkeeping, reviewing operating expenses, and real estate taxes. Her keen eye for financial details and strategic thinking have consistently contributed to the success in the organization.

Kristina embodies a perfect blend of financial acumen, lease administration expertise, and a commitment to excellence that consistently drives success in her professional endeavors.

Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

  • 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Suite 1030, Washington, D.C. 20006

Virginia Office

  • 4040 Wilson Blvd
    Suite 406 Arlington, VA 22203

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