Jake Payne

Jake Payne



Jake is a Partner with Clarity Tenant Representation. Jake is a dynamic professional whose journey from a successful football career in the NFL, XFL, and AFL to his current role at Clarity TR paints a picture of relentless dedication and unwavering commitment.

With a background deeply rooted in the world of competitive sports, Jake’s rise to prominence was fueled by an unparalleled work ethic, a steadfast focus on mastering the fundamentals, and an unyielding determination to give nothing less than 100% effort. These qualities that propelled him to thrive on the football field seamlessly transitioned into his role in commercial real estate, where he now serves as a beacon of excellence.

Drawing from his athletic foundation, Jake approaches his work with Clarity Tenant Representation with a zeal that mirrors his football days. Specializing in uncovering off-market opportunities, he employs the same vigor that helped him seize elusive chances on the field. Amid the towering giants of the commercial real estate landscape, Jake’s mission is clear: to champion the cause of small and medium-sized tenants who often find themselves overshadowed.

Having personally experienced the leap from Division-3 Shenandoah University to the grand stage of the NFL, Jake resonates deeply with the ‘underdog’ narrative. He knows that in the competitive arenas of both the D.C. real estate market and the NFL, missing out on opportunities is not an option. Every detail, every nuance, matters in ensuring that his clients stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the titans of their industry.

Jake thrives on equalizing the playing field for his clients, ensuring that they don’t merely survive but thrive amidst the cutthroat environment. His commitment to delivering results that go beyond expectations is unwavering, echoing his personal philosophy to leave no stone unturned.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jake’s passions continue to reflect his multifaceted nature. When he’s not orchestrating deals and forging connections, you’ll find him channeling his expertise into coaching football—an activity that allows him to mentor and inspire the next generation. His competitive spirit extends to the golf course, where the same dedication that marked his football career comes alive in perfecting his swing. Amidst everything, Jake seeks solace in the embrace of family, valuing the moments he shares with his loved ones.

When not serving clients, Jake is also interested in…

  • Coaching
  • Golfing
  • Spending time with his family

Washington D.C. (Headquarters)

  • 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Suite 1030, Washington, D.C. 20006

Virginia Office

  • 4040 Wilson Blvd
    Suite 406 Arlington, VA 22203

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